The 5 most fun Painting by Number packages for beginners

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In this blog, we have listed the 5 nicest Painting by Number packages for beginners. At the editors, we are generally very fond of a Painting-by-Number package and it is actually our favorite. Nevertheless, there is a wide choice of nice paintings for you to get started right away!

We kick off with our top picks for Painting by Number packages for beginners;

Painting on number own photo

We recommend every beginner to get started with a personalised Painting by Number package. A Painting on Number own photo is so popular because there are endless personalisation possibilities. Firstly, you can paint your own photo… How crazy is that, a personal memory that you painted yourself! In our online shop, you are in control, upload your own photo, choose the size, take a look at one of the many handy accessories and put together your dream package.

A Painting on number with your own photo is fully equipped with all accessories to get started with your artwork right away!

The Mighty Elephant

The Painting on number pack “The Mighty Elephant” offers you the opportunity to paint a magnificent animal in the jungle. The end result will blow you away, the beautiful surroundings, the details on the elephant and the beautiful trunk together form a beautiful result. If you are looking for a powerful yet minimalist result, this painting is ideal for you!

This kit comes fully equipped with all you need to get started right away. The ideal size for this painting is 40x50cm. This will give the beginning artist a good idea of what this fun hobby has to offer!

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Italian coast

This is a somewhat more challenging painting-by-number package for the beginner artist. This is thanks to the many details incorporated in this painting, combined with the beautiful colours, this ensures a beautiful result when the painting is completed.

Birds and flowers

This kit is a real gift!

Ideal for the novice painter to decorate your home in a creative and original way. Or give it as a birthday present.

This package is a real work of art, and extremely popular among presents. We regularly wrap this painting and send it to the birthday boy or girl! The beautiful colours, flowers and birds make this painting the perfect picture.

This package comes equipped with all the accessories to get started right away, so you will receive three brushes, all the paint you need, 2 screws and 2 hooks to hang the painting and, of course, not forgetting the canvas. The canvas is sent very carefully and of excellent quality.

Compared to the previous packages, this is a painting with a little less detail. This makes it more attractive for the beginner to get started and the ideal gift!

Romantic park

Finally, a more challenging package! A very colourful pack that is bursting with detail but makes for great results. Thanks to the different colours, shades, shadows, reflections and overall details, this is a more challenging pack. The challenge is richly rewarded with a beautiful result you can be proud of.

Hold the control sheet next to your canvas, paint the right boxes and create a masterpiece. There is no reason a beginner should not be able to paint this beautiful package. The procedure for Painting by Number is exactly the same for every painting. As the details increase, concentration and perseverance will have to increase in order to keep creating the most beautiful paintings!

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