The art of choosing: the right brushes for professional painting

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Depending on the paint you want to work with – watercolor, oil, or acrylic – you can choose from different brushes. In this blog, we discuss the art of choosing, which brushes you should have if you want to paint professionally, where to buy these brushes locally, or where to find them online. In particular, we highlight acrylic brushes, these brushes are by far the most popular and are included in almost every DIY paint by number package. 

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What do I want to paint?

Before you start buying a wide range of brushes that you may not need, it is important to first think about what you ultimately want to paint. 

This selection process starts with thinking about which paint you want to use, this could be acrylic paint, oil paint, or watercolor. For each type of paint, you will have different brushes that will come in handy.

Acrylic paint: Do you want the colors to dry quickly? Then acrylic paint is for you. An evenly applied layer of paint can be dry in minutes! This makes acrylic paint a very good entry-level paint for beginners. For the use of acrylic colors, we have a wide selection of brushes in our range; these vary from brushes for beginners to brushes for experienced artists. View our range of brushes.

Oil colors: The name says it all, the basis of the paint is oil. When you open a tube you see a layer of oil floating on the surface. This is so that the paint cannot dry out and can be kept for a very long time. Oil paint is very greasy, like butter, which makes it glide smoothly over the canvas. Oil paint spilled on your clothes? This can happen! Unfortunately, you cannot remove the paint from the clothing with water. For this, you need white spirit or another special oil paint cleaner.

Water colors: Water colors are only sold in small packages. This is done deliberately, as water colors use a lot of water. This is quite logical if you know that aqua means water. The paint comes in small containers of dried paint. You first wet your brush well and then stroke it through the paint. Water colors spread very well.

Which brushes to choose for acrylic and oil paints?

In the world of painting, a brush is like a magic wand – it can create great magic but also enormous tragedy. An artist’s brushes are incredibly important! The question is, how do I choose the right brushes?

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When choosing brushes for acrylic painting, you buy both the brushes with stiff bristles used for oil painting and synthetic brushes designed for smooth watercolor paintings, which are flat.

It all depends on the effect you want to achieve with your artwork. Stiffer brushes leave visible streaks or smudges on the painting, but the results offer more texture.

What shape should my brushes be?

The type and shape of a brush are important aspects of any painting. Da Vinci, who used paint by number for his pupils, had a clear idea about this.

Impeller brushes

Fan brush brushes are available in many sizes and thicknesses and are great for painting branches, grasses, and shrubs. Fan brushes with natural hair are more suitable for soft sweeping and synthetic hair is particularly good for textured painting

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Bevelled brushes

It’s already in the name, the bristles are angled, which is very handy when working with an easel. The beveled brushes give better control than flat brushes when painting thinner lines but also for painting large areas.

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Flat brushes

With long bristles and square ends, flat brushes are one of the most popular. They absorb a lot of paint and can be used for powerful sweeping but also fine lines. Flat brushes are very handy for covering a large area of paint or background. If you start painting with a standard paint-by-number set, you will always receive a flat brush. These are not to be missed!

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Round brushes

This brush, as the name says, has a round tip. A round brush is available in different areas. Round brushes are useful for details, lines, or edges. These brushes are great for finishing. Round brushes absorb paint easily, so dip them gently and the paint, especially if they have softer bristles.

Real or synthetic hair

For painting with oil colors, we recommend thicker bristles in order to place the dense and heavy paint on the canvas. For watercolors, you need a softer brush, as watercolors are more liquid. Painting with acrylic colors? Then you can be in between, as acrylic colors are lighter than oil colors but heavier than watercolors. Cleaning acrylic brushes is much easier than cleaning brushes with oil colors.

Cleaning brushes

Purchasing brushes is step one but ensuring their quality comes down to cleaning them. Luckily, we have written a detailed explanation on cleaning brushes, how to keep bristles in good quality for years, and prolong the life of brushes. Read all the information on brush cleaning.

The ready-made paintbrushes set – has what you need!

Now you know what to look out for when buying brushes and which models are available. But why make it difficult for yourself and look for each brush separately?

There is a wide range of useful accessories for every painting enthusiast. Whether you are looking for hair fine brushes with sable hair or a premium brush set with 10 brushes at a soft price. We have compiled our range with the best accessories for every artist, beginner, or experienced. But don’t forget that every package at already includes three brushes for acrylic paint, so you can start this great hobby right away. Have fun!

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