The most fun painting-by-numbers by Johannes Vermeer

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Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch master of the Golden Age, is known for his sublime use of light and detail in his domestic scenes and portraits. His paintings are timeless and continue to fascinate people all over the world. The concept of ‘ painting by numbers ‘ brings Vermeer’s works closer to the public, giving art lovers of all levels the opportunity to create their own interpretations of his famous paintings.

1. Paint by Numbers – Milkmaid

“ Milkmaid ” is one of Vermeer’s most celebrated works, known for its attention to detail and the subtle play of light and shadow. This kit contains everything needed to recreate this tranquil, everyday scene. It includes specific instructions on mixing colors and applying lighting effects to capture the serene atmosphere of the original.

2. Painting by Numbers – Vermeer – Girl With a Pearl Earring

“ Girl With a Pearl Earring ”, often referred to as the ‘Mona Lisa of the North’, is an enchanting portrait known for its mysterious allure. This paint by numbers package offers a unique opportunity to replicate the subtle color nuances and the famous pearl shine. It emphasizes techniques for detailed painting of facial features and the reflective qualities of the pearl.


These painting by number packages offer a fascinating way to delve into the art of Vermeer. Through the process of painting “Milkmaid” and “Girl With a Pearl Earring,” participants experience the care and precision that characterize Vermeer’s work. It is an invitation not only to appreciate art, but also to participate in the timeless beauty of Vermeer’s paintings. Each package serves as a window into the past, an opportunity to explore and appreciate the historical and cultural context in which Vermeer worked.

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