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Pussycat: who doesn’t love cats? The combination of the cute little pet and a beautiful painting makes for the ideal activity. We have listed the cutest Painting by Number cat kits for you! Would you like to put your pet cat in the sunlight? Then you can do so with a Painting on number own photo!

Painting by numbers

There are a lot of activities, hobbies, and pursuits that can give your creativity a huge boost. But what if you feel completely sluggish for a while, lacking motivation and creativity? This is also known as a dip. Do you want to start painting? Do you feel that it is too difficult or too big a step to start right away with a pricey canvas, expensive brushes, and a lot of paint? Then a Painting by Number cat pack could be the perfect solution for it!

Painting by numbers of animals are especially popular with young children, for example, they like to paint a kitten or other cute animals. After finishing, hang it up in the room and voila a beautiful work of art!

We have listed some fun Painting-by-Number kits for you, these are currently extremely popular and are among our bestsellers in the animals category. Bring these beautiful paintings to life using the Painting by Number pack supplied.

What’s in a Painting by Number pack?

The packages from our online shop are richly filled with accessories of the highest quality, these accessories are carefully selected by professionals. We are always looking to improve, which is why we like to receive feedback on the contents of our packages. For example, we have recently added a check sheet to every package, so you can easily check all the numbers. This is ideal if you think you have made a mistake!


Painting on number cats

We have compiled a list of our bestsellers from the cat category, these items are in high demand and in stock. This means you can start using them as early as tomorrow!

Original price was: £39.95.Current price is: £14.95.

Painting by number of my pet

In addition to our wide range of fun Painting-by-Number packages, we offer the option of painting a personal photo. Ordering a Painting on Number’s own photo is very simple.

  • Navigate to the product page, this can be done using the button in the menu or by clicking here
  • Upload the photo of your pet
  • Select the right format for your photo. In doubt about the right format? Then send us an e-mail and we will assess it for you for free! We have also
  • written a handy blog on this subject. Read this blog for a detailed explanation!
  • Don’t miss the discounted handy extras, select the number of colours. Add the order to the basket!
  • Fill in your details and complete your order!

We are enormously proud of our super fast delivery we deliver a Painting on number own photos in an average of 14 working days, this is tremendously fast!

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Why is Painting by Number popular?

Painting by numbers was invented in 1949 by Dan Robbins, his inspiration came from Leonardo da Vinci. da Vinci applied this method to his pupils, thus teaching them to paint better. Painting by numbers has become extremely popular all over the world.

Painting by numbers is enormously relaxing, while painting you forget all your worries for a while, focus completely on the canvas, and make all the numbers come to life and together form a beautiful work of art.

Therapists regularly recommend this fun hobby, due to the calming effects associated with Painting by Number.

Every day, thousands of people start this hobby, thanks to the many benefits that Painting by Number offers, we have described them in detail in this blog.

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