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Want to put the flowers out figuratively with a beautiful Painting by Number Flower Package? Then you have come to the right place! View the largest selection of Painting-by-Number flower packs in the entire Benelux. Enjoy free shipping to the Netherlands & Belgium, a money-back guarantee, 100% customer satisfaction, and much more!

The largest flower painting range

Personally, we at the editorial department find a flower painting an enrichment for our office. This is why we do our best to offer as many, high-quality and fun flower paintings as possible. This ensures that we have the largest range of flower paintings by numbers in the entire Benelux.
The nice thing about the flower painting packages is that you do not need any experience to immortalize a beautiful bunch of flowers on your wall. You will receive all accessories with every order, so you can get started right away with your colorful work of art.

What's in my package?

Day in and day out, we do our best to improve and optimise the painting-by-number packages and ensure that you can have the best painting experience. Our packages are therefore equipped with accessories and supplies of the highest quality.

Toebehoren SONW

We are under the assumption that the included accessories will make your painting experience as good as possible. Do you still miss something? Please let us know, we are eager to make our packages even better! Send an e-mail to with your suggestion, if we include your suggestion you will receive a free Painting by Number flower pack!

Colourful flowers in vase, Birds and flowers, Sunflowers in vase

Awaken the artist in yourself with the most beautiful painting by number packs. Whether you choose a colourful addition to your living room with a Colourful Flowers in Vase package. Where the colours brighten up any interior and make it live at the same time. Or for the Birds and flowers pack which, with its blue colour, exudes a beautifully calming feeling you can drown in. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful painting by number flower pack. We hear many positive reports about the above items, but a real standout that cannot be forgotten is the Sunflowers in Vase package. The beautiful yellow colours, the details in the vase, every little detail adds up to a beautiful whole you can’t take your eyes off.
The best thing about these above packages is that you can paint these for as little as €14.95. Check out these beautiful paintings here!

Flowers on the wall forever

Pampering yourself with a bunch of flowers who don’t love it? Yet buying new flowers every week can get pricey. So how ideal is it to have forever flowers on the wall that brighten up your home? Cheerful colors make you feel good, and the many different colors in our packages ensure that your room will never be short of colors again. View the beautiful bouquets in our shop

100+ Flower paintings on

Thanks to the wide range, you are able to choose the ideal painting that suits you. At, you will find the cheapest painting by number of packages of the highest quality. Painting by numbers works very relaxingly, we regularly hear that customers literally feel the stress fall off their shoulders. We like to stimulate this relaxing feeling and this for the cheapest prices in the Benelux.

Didn't find your flower painting? Create your own photo painting!

The best way to start painting by number is with a personal touch to your painting. Want to immortalize a nice memory? Then you have come to the right place, we will be happy to work with your Painting by Number photo. We will work on your painting very carefully and put a lot of love into creating your artwork. After all, we focus on a beautiful memory and not on a quick sale!

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