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You will be amazed at how many seniors engage in Painting by Number on a daily basis. It is wildly popular for seniors, mainly because it is a very therapeutic activity that challenges the creative side of the brain and the time passes nicely and quickly in a productive way. That is why we have a large stock of paintings, especially for seniors. 

Here at Painting by Number shop, we see painting as an inclusive art form. No one should feel that they cannot start painting because they think they are too old. We are here to prove everyone is different!

The golden oldies should be full of fun and creativity, which is why we have a wide range of painting-by-number senior citizen packages. The easy-to-read instructions give you step-by-step instructions to help you navigate through the canvas. 

Whether it’s a pack from the animal collection or the flower collection, we have plenty of paintings to get you started as a senior.

The health benefits

Painting by numbers offers many health benefits. Anything that requires creativity is good for you. This is why we strongly recommend painting for seniors with dementia. This also applies to the visually impaired. 


Here are some key reasons why a painting by number senior pack is a good idea.

It improves fine motor skills

Physically challenging the hands by painting can help improve fine motor skills in an older person. This is the same with knitting, it improves blood flow in the arms and hands, and also improves muscle coordination.

Against loneliness

The elderly are very vulnerable to loneliness and depression. Therefore, there is no better idea than a Painting by Number senior package. Creativity will make the person feel better again. Being busy with a positive outlet of emotions makes the negative feelings less present. Furthermore, the feeling of satisfaction when the painting is finished is indescribable.

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Painting by number packages for seniors

– Birds and flowers
Our Birds and flowers package is beautifully simple, it is a beautiful picture that everyone can enjoy. What more could you want from a stunning painting?

– Sunflowers van Gogh
We believe that seniors love iconic paintings. That’s why Van Gogh’s Sunflowers painting is a brilliant one for a senior. The colors stand out and the boxes are spacious and clear. This makes the painting easier to paint.

– Coloured lion
Our Coloured Lion package is a relatively easy painting for seniors plus the result is beautiful! The package is full of bright and eye-catching colors that will make anyone’s day better.

Our top tips: Great painting-by-number packages for seniors

We have listed some tips on how to paint a great painting like a senior. It’s easier than you think!

Choose the right package

The first step is to choose the right package.  We have a wide range, some paintings are easy and others require some painting experience. The most difficult paintings are the most detailed and have many different colors. The easier paintings contain large areas and straight lines. The paintings listed above are easy to paint and produce beautiful results. 

Use the right accessories

The brushes in our range are specially made for Painting by Number. These brushes make it easier to paint without pain in the wrists. The brushes are somewhat thicker and ergonomically designed for the best painting experience.

Start with us

With a range of up to over 700+ items, we guarantee that there is something for everyone. No motif found for you? Then order a Painting on number own photo and create a personalized painting with us.

We offer free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium and a Not Good? Money back guarantee. So we guarantee the best quality and the best experience! Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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