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Vincent van Gogh, a post-impressionist painter whose work had a huge impact on the art world, remains a source of inspiration to many. His distinctive style, characterized by vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes, appeals to the imagination. The concept of ‘ painting by numbers ‘ makes this art accessible to everyone, giving participants the opportunity to recreate some of Van Gogh’s masterpieces regardless of their artistic experience.

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1. Paint by Numbers – Van Gogh Starry Night

“ Starry Night ” is perhaps one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. This package offers a chance to create your own version, with dimensions and content tailored to both beginners and advanced users. Tips for this work include carefully mixing colors to mimic the dynamic and swirling sky.

2. Paint by Numbers – Beautiful Night Van Gogh

“ Beautiful Night ” may be a lesser known work, but it is no less fascinating. This kit includes a variety of materials and colors, and is designed to be completed in a reasonable time. Use light brushstrokes to capture the subtle nuances of the nighttime landscape.

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3. Paint by Numbers – Olive Trees

Van Gogh’s “ Olive Trees ” series, known for its vibrant green hues and powerful expression, offers a challenging yet rewarding experience. This package comes with detailed instructions on canvas size and color codes. It emphasizes the need to capture the unique texture and movement in Van Gogh’s style.

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4. Painting by Numbers – Van Gogh – Sunflowers

Van Gogh’s “ Sunflowers ”, synonymous with his name, are a wonderful challenge. The pack highlights a range of yellow and orange tones and offers tips for creating texture and depth to match the vibrancy of the flowers.


Each of these packages highlights unique aspects of Van Gogh’s work, from his use of color to brush technique. These kits encourage creativity and provide an opportunity to participate in Van Gogh’s rich legacy. They underscore the lasting impact of his work in the world of DIY art and provide a gateway to both art appreciation and personal expression.

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