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We regularly get messages from people who wait months for their orders, hear nothing from the sellers, and sometimes receive nothing at all. In this blog, I am going to explain to you what drop shippers are, how to recognize them, and more importantly; how to avoid dropshipping. Are you curious already read on quickly?

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is wildly popular in the Netherlands, it is a way in which a webshop owner does not need to keep stock and orders your ordered product directly from China. Because the webshops have less risk with their stocks, they are very inexpensive. In this case, cheap is expensive.

An example of this is selling your own photo paintings by number. You choose a precious photo you want to immortalize, and you naturally want it to be handled well and customized. With drop shippers NOT so. The order is delivered to you in a crumpled grey bag, after weeks or even months of waiting. This, of course, is not how you want to receive your precious painting.

How am I the dupe of drop shippers?

As I indicated above, a dropshipping website has NO stock, long delivery times, and mediocre to poor quality paintings. Your ordered item comes from the Far East, which means the wait can be several months. While you have already paid!

Returns to a dropshipping website

After weeks of waiting, you have finally received your order, incomplete, damaged, or not to your liking? Then you should be able to return the product according to Dutch law. With a drop shipper, you would have to send the item back to the supplier. So in short, the product has to go back to the Far East, for whom are the return costs? You can guess, for you.

Sending something back to China, that easily costs €30 and you have no painting, you are only €30 poorer.

Pay import duties?

Is your order higher than €23? Then chances are you will receive a letter from Postnl to pay a further 21% on the value of your order. Nine times out of ten, the general terms and conditions of web shops state that the buyer, you in this case, is responsible for paying any import duties. Thus, your painting has suddenly become a lot more expensive.

How can you recognize dropshipping website?

You already understand the disadvantages of dropshipping I suspect, now you probably want to know how do I recognize a dropshipping website.

There are a number of aspects to look out for before placing an order.

  1. Reviews The first thing we recommend is to check the reviews of a webshop. You can easily look up the reviews on the internet and quickly find out more about the webshop’s working methods. A dropshipping website often has many negative reviews and is very poorly regarded.
  2. Delivery time Besides reviews, dropshipping websites are very easy to spot by their delivery time. On their website, the delivery time is often not indicated or very covered, does the website have a delivery time longer than 4 weeks? Then there are drop shippers. On our website, you can always easily find the delivery time on every product page.
  3. Company details The dropshipping companies regularly have no company details on their website, the websites are only in the air for a short time but because of the low prices, they will sell a lot of paintings. So pay close attention to the company details!
  4. Contact Often there will be almost no contact options with the webshop, for example, there is only a contact form or an email has a very convenient chat function on the right side of the website, this way you can easily contact us via your Facebook account and we will respond in no time. 

Prevention is better than cure

After reading this article, you can easily pick out the drop shippers. As indicated, cheap is expensive, so don’t be tempted to order a cheap painting by numbers as it may become more expensive than what is listed on the website. Our webshop is a reliable, webshop with its own stock, high-quality paintings, huge amount of customization for your own photo. We handle every order very quietly to ensure quality. Due to the fast delivery times of your own photo order, we can give you an excellent guarantee.

Do you want customization, high quality, and fast delivery on your own photo painting by number?

Then check out our own photo page, for the highest quality, personalized customer service, and a work of art you’ll be proud of in the end! Want more tips like this and keep up to date with win promotions? Then follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to not miss a thing!

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