Why choose premium brushes?

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Painting by numbers is, of course, a great hobby that anyone can start. After a while, you’ve probably noticed that the accessories from our online shop make your painting experience a lot better. Therefore, today we are happy to tell you about the Painting by numbers brushes from our range – the essential accessories for all your painting by numbers.

What are premium brushes?

It’s actually already in the name, the ‘premium’ brushes. These are ten professional brushes that you can add to your order. The brushes are made in different sizes. So you can paint every square, the largest areas go extra fast due to the large brushes and the small squares are accurately made with the finest and smallest brushes in the set.

How do I add the brushes to my order?

There are two ways to add the brushes. You are able to tick the brushes as useful accessories on the product page, the brushes will then automatically be added to your order. Of course, these will then be included.

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You can also go to our accessories page manually and add the premium brushes to your shopping basket there. In both cases, you will receive the brushes with your order.

Different types of brushes

Every painting is unique, and the brushes you need for your painting can be too. When it comes to Painting by numbers brushes, the possibilities are endless. For instance, we have fine premium brushes with nylon bristles. In our range, for advanced artists, we have premium brushes with sable hair. These brushes have a fine ergonomic grip and provide the ultimate painting experience.

At Schilderenopnummerwinkel.nl we have various brushes in all kinds of different colours and styles. Choose the right brushes based on your painting, paying attention to the handle of the brushes to determine if your brushes have an ergonomic handle.

This is often a personal consideration, it really depends on what feels best for your hand. There is no right or wrong type of brush. So try out some styles and see what you like best!

What is your favorite brush set? Let us know in the comments!

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